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Can you give just 24 hours a year to the Knights of Columbus? You could make a positive difference in your community and Church. Below is an illustration of just how little time it takes to be an active part of the Order. Even with this minimal commitment you can be an important part of the council, and reap the benefits membership has to offer you and your family. Here is a breakdown of the those 24 hours:

Ø  12 hours a year reading the weekly parish bulletin, the state and local Council newsletters, Columbia magazine, and surfing your Council and Supreme Council Web sites.
Ø  2 hours a year volunteering at one of the Council’s annual fund drives.
Ø  2 hours a year attending, with your family, Council prayer services at the parish including the Lenten Way Walkers’ dinner and the May Crowning.
Ø  2 hours a year on a Council-sponsored Church, community, council, family or youth project of your choosing.
Ø  2 hours a year attending one Council meeting. (If it’s a well-run, interesting meeting you might even come back for a second.)
Ø  4 hours a year enjoying (again, with your entire family) a Council social function such as a dinner, dance, picnic, etc.

That’s only 24 hours a year, which practically any man can fit into his schedule. Once you become a member and see how rewarding being a part of the Knights of Columbus is, you might want to dedicate more of your time to the Order.
There are 8,760 hours in a year.  By giving the Knights of Columbus 24 of those hours (less than .3 percent), you can be a better Catholic, a better father, a better husband and a better person. Think of the difference the Knights of Columbus can make in our communities if you join us.

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