. . . is our motto and we hope you do. Here are a few ideas on why you should order one or more emblems:

It’s a great way to say to new members “Welcome to the Council.” 
It’s an inexpensive reward for special service to the Council or Community.
It’s a great place to keep your membership card.
It’s a wonderful present for a Knight.

No need to buy special shirts or blazers. “Emblemize” your apparel with a unique KofC Pocket Emblem. The inside flap is a perfect spot for the membership card. A small magnet on each flap keeps it firmly attached to the pocket. Wear the Pocket Emblem to all your meetings and events and let everyone know you are proud to be a Catholic Gentleman.
Now available with either the Emblem of the Order or the 4th Degree emblem.
KofC Pocket Emblems are $10.00 each or $9.00 each for orders of more than 10.00. See our Order Form for details on shipping and handling. Three ways to purchase:

Purchase KofC Pocket Emblem

KofC Pocket Emblem